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First and Only Outsource Longterm Leasing Solution℠

REV™ is disrupting the multifamily industry. Established in markets throughout Texas and Florida, we provide property and asset owners with a revenue-focused solution to leasing problems.

REV™ Leasing Professionals work alongside property management to alleviate operational burdens and increase leasing velocity while our Leasing Management team collaborates with the client to establish unique leasing strategies and rent pricing to maximize revenue.

Meet the REV™ Team


The Pillars of Our Service

Eliminate operational inefficiencies, capture your revenues, and create owner equity by leveraging our leasing management services and highly-trained leasing professionals on your property.
REV up your leasing™.

Increase Revenues

We are Your REVenue Resource™. Our Leasing Professionals specialize in generating leases and serve to maximize your properties' revenues.

Purely Efficient Labor

REV™ incurs the cost of carrying an internal leasing employee. Stop paying for employee vacation time, PTO, holidays, and benefits. Just pay for a high-performing leasing professional's 8 hour day.

Stable, Consistent Personnel and Performance

With REV™ on your property, you can attain peace of mind in the stability of our Leasing Professionals showing up and providing Consistently Excellent™ service. Our Leasing Professionals show up every day and get the job done.

Control Over Leasing

Achieve full flexibility in choosing who is and isn't in your leasing office at any given time without having to deal with strenuous on and off boarding of internal employees. Adding, removing, or substituting REV™ Leasing Professionals, for any reason, is only one call away.

Client Success Examples


What the Industry Is Saying About Us

Our numbers at the property have increased not only in just our leased percentage but our resident retention.

A. Andrews Property Manager

Mike did an amazing job. He was great with prospects, tenants, and vendors…I will definitely keep him in mind in future.

Brittany Property Manager

All the [4] properties [in San Antonio] were all in the low 80’s occupancy…we’ve been able to improve 2 above 90%…[and] even with COVID [all] are trending upwards…

San Antonio, Texas

Corporate HR is geared toward hiring for a specific skill set…previous difficulties we’ve had hiring property office staff…It’s been such a refreshing & a different way to look at bringing leasing staff on…they need to have an energy and dedication…it’s rare to find on your own…

Hartford, CT (Corporate HQ)

It is always been surprising to me that the leasing function is an entry-level function in the leasing office…that is the way…that revenue comes into the property.

Houston, Texas

I’ve always felt there needs to be a better way to train, to equip, to target the right kind of individuals for leasing consultants. So that, from a pure dollar & cents standpoint, revenues can be maximized…

Houston, Texas

The best aspect I’ve found to [REV™] is the communication and the ability to react to situations….their drive to help us be successful…

Houston, Texas

It’s a combination of the knowledge they have and the drive…the fire-in-the-belly…not seen in the industry before…

Dallas, Texas

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