COVID 19 Resources for Multifamily Properties

Incorrect information can do harm when intending to do good. During this challenging time, as our country deals with the COVID 19 pandemic, sorting through the constant tsunami of information can feel overwhelming.

Our team put together the following list of resources to help keep your property management company and your apartment communities running without a hitch until the crisis passes.

Preparedness for Apartment Communities for COVID 19

This page from the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) provides additional resources and tips for preventing the spread of COVID 19 with protocols, best practices, response plans, communication recommendations as well as guidance on legal liability and how to prep for the aftermath of the crisis.

Have a Plan With and For Your Employees

The best way to guarantee your communities continue to operate smoothly with the fewest number of issues is by keeping the lines of communication open and making sure employees are regularly armed with the information they need.

Guiding Your Residents Through COVID 19

The well-being of your residents is at the top of your priority list. Making sure they are updated with helpful information will be a big part of getting them through this crisis. The immense amount of uncertainty during this time makes people edgy. The National Apartment Association created the attached guide in order to help keep your residents engaged and less tense.