Your Premier Long-Term Leasing Solution℠

Increase Revenues

REV™ Leasing Professionals generate leases at higher velocities than industry standards and our expert directorship works in collaboration with onsite management to implement strategic leasing and pricing models. continue reading....

Purely Efficient

Stop paying for the benefits, PTO, vacations, sick-days, and on-boarding/off-boarding costs of high-turnover, low-efficiency employees. continue reading....

With REV™, you only pay for the hours that our highly-skilled Leasing Professionals are on your property. Treat us like an easily forecasted payroll expense without the implicit cost in risk of losing an internal employee.

Stable, Consistent Personnel and Performance

No longer battle the headaches arising from the instability of leasing positions. Stop having to allocate time and money into screening and hiring for leasing positions after being ghosted.

You can count on REV™ Leasing Professionals to show up every single day. Our employees are accountable, career-oriented, and are held to our company standard to be Consistently Excellent℠. continue reading....

However, on the off chance of an unexpected absence or less than acceptable performance, you can rest assured that we have plenty of equally qualified Leasing Professionals eager to step in as replacement.


With REV™ Leasing Professionals on property, our clients and partners are afforded the flexibility to control who is in their leasing office easily and on the fly.

We carry an arsenal of highly-skilled, trained Leasing Professionals to effortlessly accommodate agile scheduling. continue reading....

Need extra support for a busy season or influx of renovated units? No problem. Want to lean out the leasing office once your property has achieved a target occupancy? Fine by us.

Without having to sacrifice quality, avoid incurring the costs of carrying, on-boarding, and off-boarding internal employees, and REV up your leasing℠!

Incremental Value Creation:
Increased Property Value
and Immediate
Owner Equity Creation

Our 4 Pillars of Service not only solve industry inefficiencies and remedy day-to-day operational headaches, but they support fruitful returns in the form of increased property value.

Here at REV™, we like to measure and present to our partners the value that we bring them through analysis of Incremental Value Created (IVC). Our Leasing Professionals consistently outperform established leasing velocity precedents for a property and our Leasing Directors collaborate with Property Management to optimize strategic rent pricing - competitive and often outperforming local competitor rates.

Higher leasing volume at higher rates = effortless equity created for the owner through increased property value. Get in touch with us today to hear more about the ridiculous returns realized by our clients.

REV up your leasing℠. 
Maximize your equity.



Our REV-cipe for Success℠

Welcome to the new age of multifamily leasing.

Our REV-cipe for Success℠ consists of  exhaustive training and continued development to produce efficient Leasing Professionals who we leverage with expert leasing management driven by technology and data analytics.

The end product is the first and only Long-Term Leasing Solution℠ in Multifamily, ready to succeed in any situation including:

  • Lease-up
  • Add Value/Renovation
  • Conventional
  • Distressed
  • Acquisitions/Dispositions
  • Student Housing
  • Tax Credit/Mixed-use
  • Senior – 55+
  • Assisted Living & Memory Care


On-site Leasing Professionals

Each of our On-site Leasing Professionals is the culmination of selective recruiting, top-of-the-line training, and continued development programs.

REV™ Leasing Professionals are redefining the standards of professionalism and performance in multifamily leasing.


Training and Continued Development

Into each Leasing Professional's training and development, REV™ invests a level of time and resources that is unparalleled in the multifamily industry.

Nowhere else will you find a comparable high pedigree of leasing curriculum - created by minds with decades of experience, delivered by veteran leasing experts, and continued through employment to encourage sustained growth.


Leasing Management Services

Our expert Directors and VPs collaborate with property and asset managers and owners to devise effective leasing strategies and optimize rent pricing to reach property goals and maximize revenue streams.


Technology and Data Analysis

Truly a 21st century company, REV™ utilizes technology to support operational demands and accomplish unparalleled leasing performance.

Data collection and presentation algorithms are leveraged with internal company software to easily and accurately quantify leasing activity for managerial review, control, and forecasting of leasing strategies.

On the horizon, we will be implementing increasingly robust learning and development tools, client facing technology, and next-level predictive leasing technologies.


Tired of the same old industry standards?
REV UP℠ now and get results!