No Longer a Stepping Stone for Property Management

Here at REV™, we believe the best leasing talent is found in individuals who have their sights set on a career in leasing.

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A Career in Leasing with REV

A REV™ Leasing Professional is one of the only leasing-career focused individuals in the multifamily industry.
As employees at REV™ skill-up, they will work their way through the career track we have established to nurture growth and excellence.
The leasing positions we offer on our leasing career path ensure that REV™ Leasing Professionals are consistently setting new standards of professionalism and performance in multifamily leasing.


After graduating from our instructor led training program, every one of our soon-to-be Leasing Professionals is placed on property with one of our more senior employees. During their stint as an Intern, they get a taste for what it takes to succeed on property.

Pairing newly graduated interns with Leasing Professionals serves to help both the student and teacher reinforce their knowledge and experience in leasing.

Certified Leasing Professional

Leasing Professionals, or LPs, for short, are the meat of our workforce at REV™. Versed in all types of leasing and ready for any situation, our LPs deliver Consistently Excellent™ performance no matter the circumstance.

A REV™ Leasing Professional has received more training, worked on more properties, has higher-quality experience, and can sustain greater, consistent leasing velocities than the vast majority of leasing talent in the industry; the epitome of professionalism and superior leasing performance.

Junior Leasing Manager Candidate

Experienced Leasing Professionals who demonstrate leadership capabilities and top-tier performance at a wide array of properties are identified by Leasing Directors and Managers and admitted into our Junior Leasing Manager Candidate (JLMC) Program.

A JLMC will spend portions of their weeks developing the skills necessary to succeed as a Leasing Manager. Our expert Leasing Directors, Managers, and VPs leverage their combined decades of industry experience to mold top-performing Leasing Professionals into Leasing Managers.

Leasing Manager

REV™ Leasing Managers manage squadrons of Leasing Professionals on properties throughout their particular leasing markets. Leasing Managers ensure all of our Leasing Professionals are upholding our standard of being Consistently Excellent™ and are vessels of information and experience for our fleet of Leasing Professionals to utilize.

Regional Leasing Director

Regional Leasing Directors ensure harmony in an ecosystem of Leasing Professionals working at numerous properties throughout a market region. Directors will collaborate with property and asset managers to establish strategic leasing incentives and pricing plans to maximize revenues. At their fingertips, Directors leverage our in-house data collection and presentation technologies to analyze performance and utilize a data-driven approach to bolster their industry experience and knowledge.

Vice President of Leasing

Responsible for oversight of leasing operations across target regions, a REV™ VP of Leasing is an expert in the multifamily industry with years of significant leasing-focused leadership experience. A REV™ VP disseminates knowledge and experience through daily interactions with all leasing positions in the company. Infusing their breadth of leasing wisdom with live analytics from our data technologies, a REV™ VP of Leasing contributes key insight into the development of complex leasing strategies to ensure success and satisfaction between REV™ and its partners.