Moving Away from the Shotgun Approach

Recruiting is one of the primary functions we offer our clients. Our unique talent acquisition process creates high-performing professionals with an extraordinary internal drive to consistently deliver results for our clients.

The shotgun approach to finding candidates is an old, stale, and ineffective tactic to filling roles within a company because your company needs more than just a seat warmer to fill a vacant position. REV works with a variety of property management companies and owners who are all looking for quality leasing consultants, and not just anyone will do.

Here are the top 3 reasons why we are redefining recruiting and training in Multifamily:

Current Approach is Not an Effective Use Time and Resources

When we post a job listing, on average, we would receive 250 resumes, and the first resume is typically received within 200 seconds of when the post is published. Our team would spend countless hours reading every resume/cover letter, narrow it down to the top 50, then spend more time scheduling and conducting screening phone interviews then repeating that process until we found the right number of people to invite to our rigorous training program. It doesn’t end there. An invite to our training starts a very selective process of testing and screening our candidates. In fact, only 1.5% of all resumes turn into certified REV Leasing Professionals.

Current Approach Produces Low Number of Quality Candidates

The shotgun approach will likely backfire, we have observed that even our prospective candidates have used this shotgun approach in their individual job searches as well. In our team huddles, we often hear our talent acquisition team members say the candidates who submit their resumes aren’t reading the job posting in its’ entirety and are no longer interested in the position.

Current Approach Produces Low Retention

REV is revolutionizing the way property management companies and multifamily property owners view and hire for the leasing position. No one in the marketplace is doing what we’re doing in the way we are doing it. We provide individuals looking to break into the leasing profession with industry training and a certification upon completion of our program at no cost to them. When individuals graduate from our program, they have the knowledge, skills, and practice of a seasoned leasing professional. Our rigorous and demanding training is not for everyone. Using the industry’s shotgun approach to recruiting and training, you would simply create a situation in which many of the candidates would drop out shortly after starting the process. Now, with our highly targeted approach to recruiting and training, we have experienced a marked increase in the retention of the candidates that stay through our training process, graduate and become certified members of REV.