Our Expansion Taught Us the Cha Cha?

REV™in every sense of the word, is REVolutionizing the Multifamily Industry. The REVenue-centric, data analytical leasing solution, is one that creates incremental value through high-performance leasing. In its’ 3-years of existence, REV™, as a Strategic Industry Partner of our multifamily owners is proud to position itself as the best leasing company in the country.

Please pardon our disruption as we bring tremendous value to the leasing function. Over the span of 30 years, since the inception of third party management, the Multifamily industry has treated leasing as a stepping-stone position on the way to management. If the leasing role is the only pure revenue generator on an owner’s asset, why does the industry as a whole rely on this “entry-level” position to carry the weight of income generation for the owners of the property management company services? As an emerging company that recognized the disconnect between owners and property management companies, our mission is to create leasing a career, give it its proper importance, and maintain our sole focus on leasing. REV’s goals are in line with owners because high-performance leasing and leasing management are our sole functions. As we maximize rents by increasing the price per square foot measured by overall NOI, we create meaningful Incremental Value. Owners are seeing the value and the new equity. REVs choice to swim upstream against the status quo is maximizing leasing functionality.

Dance the dance. REV is like the lively “cha cha” with its intricate foot movement, quick spins, strong hip movement, sharp action and staccato. As a result, the nimble and innovative company will continue to bring positive change to the multifamily industry. Houston-based REV™, with boots on the ground, effective remote support, and data-driven high-performance leasing is pure kinetic forward-moving and forward-thinking energy. From 1 market to multiple markets and from multiple markets to the national stage speaks for itself along with our many case studies.

REV’s Co-founding Principal, President, & CEO Peter Roisman takes center stage during IMN’s 4th Annual Middle-Market Multifamily Forum. This lifelong entrepreneur will be addressing leading multifamily owners, developers, capital providers, property management companies, and more. By addressing the industry disconnect as it inadvertently failed its fiduciary responsibility to owners, REV’s innovative leasing solutions are pioneering the forward expansion nationally. The  Southwest edition is happening March 29-30th at The Statler in Dallas, Texas.


Interested in joining REV at IMN’s conference in Dallas, or sharing pictures of your pups, discussing the ESPN ticker? Contact CJ Joiner for REV access to IMN and invite only networking mixer. 

CJ Joiner – Director, Business Development & Public Relations
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