Three Reasons Why It’s Hard to Get a Job as a Leasing Professional

REV vets, trains, hires and then certifies REV Leasing Professionals prior to placing them at multifamily properties. Since our company’s inception we have heard multiple stories from our members on the difficulty of landing a job at an apartment community. We spoke with our recruitment team to find out why that is to help our readers better navigate breaking into the industry.

 Bilingual Professionals

Our clients are now more than ever requiring and requesting bilingual leasing professionals. Often, a candidate’s resume is not passed through to the initial round because they only speak English. Though properties are not requiring their Leasing team to speak perfect Spanish they do expect a basic understanding and ability to hold a conversation in both languages.  A great way to start learning basic English and Spanish is Babbel.

 Lack of Experience /Poor Communication

The second popular reason why candidates wanting to work as a Leasing Professional don’t get in is due to their lack of experience. Working onsite or for a property management company is extremely fast pace and is often very straining and requires someone who is comfortable multitasking and juggling multiple tasks at once while also being the face of the property.

Many properties that have 300 units or less only hire one Leasing Professional to manage to take care of leasing, resident services, rent collection and other property-oriented tasks. And often, properties do not hire an entry level person for this position.

 Dress Code

Technology has become the forefront of many businesses in 2020 and with it came a demand for casual work attire. However, in multifamily, the desire prospective and current residents as well as property owners have for onsite teams is business professional and it’s nonnegotiable. Though not ALL properties require a strict dress code the majority of them do and the willingness to oblige consistently is not eagerly met with newcomers to the industry.