Three Reasons Why REV is the Only Option for Providing Leasing Professionals

REV is the only option when it comes to selecting the right leasing professional. That’s a bold statement to make, but we stand by it and have the reputation to back it. REV is an outsourced leasing management company, far different from a traditional staffing firm. We focus only on one key position—the leasing professional. We go a step farther by investing in our people first, which is the defining factor that sets us apart from our competition. Outsourcing labor is already broadly accepted in many industries—accounting, legal, and payroll services, among others. Starting with Texas, we are driving this well-established on-demand outsourcing model into the multifamily sector.

We Invest Upfront in Our People

We only recruit and train new talent for the leasing world. Reason being? It’s harder for people with leasing experience to unlearn all their habits and successfully make it through our initial and intensive three-day training, which is followed by a week of additional onsite training. Before anyone we recruit is placed on an assignment, they are trained on leasing protocols, sales techniques, and customer service courses specific to property management. After the training, they go through our internship program, which provides them with field experience at a physical property. As the only agency training and investing time and money into our members, our clients know they are getting an ultra-high performing leasing agent with “fire in the belly.”

Our Process Creates a Cost Savings

The cost of onboarding a new employee is very high compared to outsourcing the position to REV. Clients who have outsourced the leasing position to us have experienced a 42% overall cost savings without any reduction in performance. Our leasing consultants can be booked for long or short term assignments. Meaning this could be an ongoing booking without a scheduled end date or utilized as a fill-in option if one of your onsite employees calls in sick, goes on vacation, or maternity leave. Time and time again, our clients reviewed our members as “professionals that outperform their staff.”

We’re Available to Our Clients 24/7/365

The best part about working with REV is that we are always prepared and ready to help you. Our ‘consistently excellent’ talent pool of members ensures that someone highly qualified is ready to work at a moment’s notice. Our business operates 24/7/365, meaning booking can be made at any time.