Three Ways REV Helps Property Managers and Owners

Depending on where you are, we are 13 weeks into COVID 19. Our survey results show that on-site property managers are experiencing a heavier workload compared to pre-Covid19 days. Though the uncertainty of the times contributes significantly to this, the demand for more information demanded by residents around new policies and procedures does as well.

We know better than anyone that the tasks property managers and owners must juggle are many. Our REV team works to solve the main hassle by helping place leasing agents that have already been intensely field-tested, certified, and trained.

The Professionals We Send Are Already Trained
What sets us apart from other staffing agencies is our investment we put into our professionals. Our members go through a 3-day training on leasing protocols, sales techniques, and customer service courses specific to property management. We also instruct them using Grace Hill’s curriculum on Fair Housing and Sexual Harassment. What sets us apart is our internship and certification program. Before we can certify a member, they also go through our internship program, which consists of them going on an actual property with a bustling leasing office to learn how to close leases. They only graduate from our internship program until they have enrolled a resident on one of our hosted properties. So rest assured when we send you a leasing agent, you are getting the best of the best.

We Place the Right Person for Your Property
One of the qualities our clients love to brag about is the one-on-one approach we provide for each client. We don’t believe in one size fits all. Each property has its own dedicated rep that gets to know what your needs are and what you want in your leasing professional. We then go through a matching process on our end to ensure that who we are sending is the right person for your property.

You Have Full Control On Who We Send
When clients outsource their leasing positions to us, we offer them more control by guaranteeing no unstaffed days due to vacation or sick days. We will send another trained member from our talent pool to cover that position. Another way our clients have full control is by providing a replacement if they are unsatisfied with one of our members on their properties.